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A paranormal true story


Shortly after the death of Reverend Moon in South  Korea, the Temple of the Church of Unification of Harlem, New York, is visited by

a priest from Cuba. He is a fortune teller of African tradition known as Babalawos (Fathers of the Secrets).

When he announces that a rooster will be sacrificed in a ceremony to the spirits, controversy erupts at the church. 

Eventually, the rooster is pardoned.

The Latest Messenger of Reverend Moon

Then, the beautiful bird becomes the favorite pet among the congregation, the temple guardian, detector of falsehood, a scourge to the impure and wicked. Weeks later the rooster dies, due to neglect, affecting deeply both the church congregation and residents of the adjacent homeless shelter. But soon after, there is another death– this time of a resident– causing great speculation about what exactly was the cause and who precisely is to blame. Until today it remains a mystery.

(c) All rights reserved, 1993-2021

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