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Short documentary in Mexico

Year of production: 2004

Running Time: 8:42 min

Color / Sound / Subtitled

Storyboard by Jose Garza

Edited by Gaetan Marriage

Main Photography by

Ricardo Padilla

Executive Producer

Jose Cohen

Produced and directed by Elio Bern (Elio Bernardo Ruiz)


Some years ago, beneath the smog of Mexico City, I had the opportunity of chatting with Ultiminio Ramos Zequeira, the former featherweight champion whose nom de guerre was Sugar Ramos. Sixty years ago in the land of the Aztecs, he became a legend, even though he was born in Matanzas, Cuba, in 1941.. The event that made Sugar Ramos famous in the United States of Mexico (and infamous in the United States of America) was a match at LA’s Dodger Stadium against Davey Moore, on March 21, 1963. This event inspired a Bob Dylan's song.

Year of production: 2015 /  Director & Camera/ 2nd Camara: Berta Jottar / Editor: Gaetan Mariage/ Executive Producer: Jon Curtis

PSA  Series
in New York City
Jazz Jam Session Live in New York City

Documentaries in Cuba (only Spanish) 

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